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How Do Active Noice Canceling Headphones Work? | ANC Headphones

Active Noise Canceling (ANC) is a technology of noise reduction. Firstly, it makes use of a microphone to pick up the noise and sends to the ANC circuit. Then, the ANC circuit processes a signal to the headphone speaker (which is the same speaker you use to listen to music). Next, the speaker emits an extra sound wave in the opposite direction to the incoming noise. Finally, the unwanted noise is canceled out and the remaining sound is the “resulting sound” generated to your ears. This is how an ANC headphone works to reduce ambient noise.

There are three types of active noise cancellation:


Their difference is only about the position of the microphone.

Feedforward is a setup that the microphone is placed behind the speaker. The headset speaker is in between the listener’s ear and the mic. You should find there is one microphone on the most outside part of each cup. This kind of ANC headphones has total 2pcs of microphones. For example, DECALIFE ANC TWS Earbuds 501, there is a mic on each touch panel of the earbud.

In the Feedback setup, the mic is installed in front of the speaker wherein between the listener’s ear and the speaker. You should find a mic in the middle part of each ear cup. This kind of ANC headphones also has total 2pcs of microphones. For example, DECALIFE ANC headphone V8S, there is a mic on each side of headphone besides the control buttons.

Hybrid is a combination of both of the two methods, so it has 2 microphones on each side, and total 4pcs of microphones. For example, DECALIFE ANC headphone V12Q, each ear cup has one microphone on the surface and the other one on the side panel.

Which kind of ANC headphone is the best?

Hearing the ambient sound, the mic keeps sending the signal to the headphone to create the anti-noise wave to reduce and block out the ambient noise. The basic concept of different kind of ANC headphones is the same.

Theoretically,  Feedforward ANC picks up the noise earlier than Feedback ANC as the noise comes through the mic first then to the listener’s ear. Feedback blocks out the noise more accurately as the mic is behind the speaker and hears exactly what the listener hears. Hybrid actually combines the advantages of the two and it is the best method. However, other things we need to take into account is the music quality. It does not mean which method could perform a better sound quality. Hybrid is the most expensive solution. Not only because they have 4 microphones, but it also requires more expert skill and higher quality materials to avoid electrical noise and filtering out the sweet frequency of our favorite songs.


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DECALIFE V8S Active Noise Cancelling Hi-Fi Headphones will be launched soon

DECALIFE’s new ANC Bluetooth Hi-Fi Headphones, model V8S is now manufacturing on our production lines.

This is a high quality headphone with active cancelling function that can cancel out noise by 25-30dBs with great excellent acoustic sound quality comparable with big brands.

See more details of V8S.

We try to dispatch them to the markets by end of march.

Welcome to register to be our business partners on the Contact Us page. They are available for your purchase online.


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Hong Kong Mobile Electronics Show April 18-21, 2019

Please come to visit our at

Hong Kong Mobile Electronics Show:

Date: April 18-21, 2019

Location: AsiaWorld Expo, Hong Kong (Near to the Hong Kong Airport)

Booth No: 8B05


Lets get a free Visitor Registration on the Global Sources website:


Click on the For Visitors icon, then click Vistor Registration

Next page, select the second one, Mobile Electronics Show, April 18-21, 2019, and fill up the form as required, then submit.

When your application is successful, you will see a confirmation screen.  That’s. Please print it out and show to the Buyer’s receiption when you arraived the show.


We will exhibition these products and more in the show.  Hope to see you soon.


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Decalife Launches the first Active Noise Cancelling TWS ANC earbuds to the world

Active Noise Cancelling TWS earbuds | ANC TWS Earbuds


A lot of people know about ANC (Active Noise CancellingHeadphones. Most of the ANC headphones are over-the-ears, and some of them are higher level or more audiophile-level wireless neckband earbuds that have an ANC circuit built inside the microphone on the cable. A lot of people know of TWS earbuds, but it seems very few people have heard about TWS earbuds with Active Noise Cancelling function- ANC TWS earbuds.

Today, we want to introduce you that DECALIFE has launched their first ANC TWS earbuds that can cancel out the ambient noise by 25-30dBs. In addition, the earbuds have touch control functions. You can turn off the ANC functionanswer phone calls, and skip or repeat your songs.  Also, their acoustic sound quality is excellent and comparable to the top rated brands.

Why do you need an ANC TWS earbuds?

For those people who prefer to buy a pair of TWS earbuds, I think their reasons are: Firstly, they don’t like wearing big headphones while they walking outside. Secondly, they don’t like neckband earbuds as they don’t want to wear something on their necks. Thirdly, TWS earbuds are very tiny that you can store in your bag or pocket and not bulky.  Therefore, TWS earbuds are their good choice. However,  nowadays most of the good sound quality or big brand TWS earbuds do not have an ANC function. When you are in noisy environments, for examples: in the subways, bus, or airport area, the ambient noise will be disturbing while you are listening to music. For this reason, DECALIFE launches their first ANC TWS earbuds in March 2019. This ANC function also provides you excellent sound quality better than ever and the earbuds are very easy to use!

DECALIFE ST-NC501 Active Noise Cancelling TWS Earbuds Touch Key Control-Audiophile Level


The earbuds are not for retail customers yet. We welcome wholesalers and international importers to join us.

Welcome to contact us for the international export price. MOQ is 1000pcs. Please click below link:

We will participate in the Hong Kong Exhibition.

Date: April 18 – 21, 2019

Location:   AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong  (near to the Hong Kong Airport)

Booth No: 8B05


Let’s get a free Visitor Registration on Global Sources website:


Please feel free to contact us if any questions.




Model: ST-ANC501

Product Name:  ANC TWS Earbuds 501